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Generación de leads B2B outbound según tu Perfil de Cliente Ideal
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What is your Ideal Customer Profile?


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The Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is essential to drive lead generation strategies: the goal is to attract leads that align with your product or service offering. Lead generation dedicated to the Ideal Customer Profile optimises outbound email marketing.
The result is a high-value database that allows you to focus your commercial efforts on potential customers who identify with your value proposition.

Lead generation for Outbound


Ideal Customer Profile DEFINED

An Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is a detailed representation of the perfect customer. When designing an ICP, we think about which companies would receive the most value from our solution by considering a range of characteristics from turnover, industry, number of employees to behaviour or industry trends.


Decision-makers contact details

Identifying each company’s decision-makers, i.e. their first and last names and email addresses, is critical to building a customised database for B2B prospecting and lead generation. With tools and research effort, it is possible to build a quality database.


Data enrichment

The continuous process of researching company data and identified contacts in order to personalise email messages. Personalisation increases response rates and the quality of interactions with leads, allowing for more advanced and less cold conversations.

Speed of prospecting with more leads and meetings


Continuous flow of B2B leads

Increase prospecting speed by 7x with outbound and connect with thousands of ideal customers in record time allowing you to increase opportunity flow.


Predictable sales system

Calculating based on the number of conversations generated, the number of new opportunities and closures allows you to develop a predictable and therefore scalable sales system.

Velocidad de prospección con más leads y reuniones


Flujo contínuo de leads B2B

Aumenta la velocidad de prospección x7 con outbound y conecta con miles de clientes ideales en tiempo récord permitiendo aumentar el flujo de oportunidades.


Sistema de ventas predecible

Calcular en base a la cantidad de conversaciones generadas, el número de nuevas oportunidades y cierres permite desarrollar un sistema de ventas predecible y por tanto escalable.