B2B commercial outsourcing

We start conversations with your ideal customers so you can focus on closing opportunities.

Outsourcing comercial B2B

Iniciamos conversaciones con tus clientes ideales para que puedas dedicarte a cerrar oportunidades

More than 1000 companies trust us

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What is commercial Outsourcing?

B2B opportunity flow

Receive daily new opportunities directly in your inbox generated by commercial outsourcing experts. Be in charge of developing conversations and closing opportunities.

Prospect identification

Stop looking for prospects and let a commercial outsourcing team collect company details and emails of suitable partners to start conversations.

B2B commercial outsourcing is an ideal decision when it has proven to bring value and growth to the company and it is time to make it more flexible in order to scale. Commercial outsourcing allows a team to identify companies according to the ideal profile or target, search and collect contact data and start a conversation and follow up until they become leads, i.e. potential customers with interest in a product or service.

By contracting a commercial outsourcing service you get a guaranteed activity of prospecting and contacting potential clients.

Why a B2B commercial outsourcing service?

Savings on fixed costs

Reduce the cost associated with hiring dedicated sales employees, save time and effort spent on training, supervising and managing the sales force.

Make your company's growth more flexible

Pay only for sales activity and decide how much you want to grow according to your capacity. Don’t pay for additional variables or benefits. Let your team focus on closing opportunities.

CERO recruiting

Reduce the cost associated with recruiting employees: no more advertising vacancies, managing recruitment processes and still taking the risk that a sales person will not deliver results.

CERO trainings

Reduce the cost and dedication associated with the training of prospecting staff. Don’t worry about teaching the same thing hundreds of times with no guaranteed results.

CERO management

Reduce the time spent managing the sales team and get constant and guaranteed activity on a weekly basis so that your sales team can close opportunities.

Hiring a sales outsourcing service allows you to focus on the development of your service or product, while a sales force or team is in charge of prospecting, generating leads and talking to interested potential customers. In addition, hiring a sales outsourcing service allows you to have full coverage and provide answers even at times when there is no one physically working in the office.

We fill your Pipeline or you don’t pay us at all

Continuous flow of B2B leads

Increase prospecting speed by 7x with outbound and connect with thousands of ideal customers in record time allowing you to increase opportunity flow.

Predictable sales system

Calculating based on the number of conversations generated, the number of new opportunities and closures allows you to develop a predictable and therefore scalable sales system.


Llenamos tu Pipeline o no nos pagas nada

Flujo contínuo de leads B2B

Aumenta la velocidad de prospección x7 y conecta con miles de clientes ideales en tiempo récord permitiendo aumentar el flujo de oportunidades.

Sistema de ventas predecible

Calcular en base a la cantidad de conversaciones generadas, el número de nuevas oportunidades y cierres permite desarrollar un sistema de ventas predecible y por tanto escalable.

How does it work?

1. Customer profile

We get to know your ideal customer for the right prospecting

2. Offer and messages

We get to know your proposal and create a message and scenario guide

3. Prospecting

An outsourced sales team collects companies and contacts

4. Conversation

We start conversations with ideal customers to generate opportunities